Plan of the Day (POD)

Sent 10-8-19

Howdy Marines, Staff, Young Marines, Recruits, and Our Parents!
We have regular Parker County Young Marines Drill this Saturday, Oct. 12th, 2019!
South Main Street Church of Christ’s Fellowship Hall, 118 E. Oak Street, Weatherford.
If anyone cannot get to Weatherford from Springtown, E-Mail or Text me ASAP.
We will try to get your Young Marine to Weatherford.
This Drill will be over Advanced First Aid and CPR Training.
All Young Marines and Recruits (If they have them) are to arrive in Full Utilities, with
Red National T Shirts!
Recruits will arrive in Red National T Shirts, Red Recruit Covers & Utilities, if they
have them.
If not, they will arrive in blue jeans, Red National T-Shirts. 
Plan of the Day (POD)
    All Hands
0730 – 0750  Parent/Guardian Sign-In at Church of Christ’s Fellowship Hall.
0750 – 0800  Prepare for Morning Formation.  Plt. Sgt. Will inspect Troops for
                        Regulation Hair Cuts and Shined Boots.  List of violators will be
                        handed to the Unit C.O.
0800 – 0815  Morning Formation, Invocation, Pledge, Creed, Obligation & YM
                        Hymn, BPO 2-3
    All Hands
0815 – 1200  Instruction: CPR & Advanced First Aid
1200 – 1230  Noon Chow
1230 – 1300  Guide Book Sign Off
1300 – 1430  Instruction: Continuation of CPR & Advanced First Aid
1430 – 1530  Instruction: DDR: Project Alert, Lesson 9,
1530 – 1545  Field Day
1545 – 1600  Final Formation, Benediction, Creed, Obligation, & YM Hymn,
                       BPO 2-3
1600 – 1630  Parent/Guardian Sign-Out
More to Follow!
Remember to E-Mail or Text me if your Young Marine or Recruit is going to
  miss YM Drill.
This will constitute and Excused Absence for the Perfect Attendance Award
  if not over 3 Excused Absences.
Also Remember, Your Young Marine Needs to be in Attendance at least 2
  Drills prior to any Field Trip/Encampment in order to accompany the Young
  Marines on scheduled Field Trips or Encampments
Recruits, in addition to this requirement, will be qualified by Registered Adults
  as to ability to act properly as a Young Marine!
Verne B. Bell, GySgt USMC Retired