Plan of the Day (POD)

Howdy Marines, Staff, Young Marines, Recruits, & Our Parents!
  We have a regular but Special Young Marine Drill this Saturday, November 10th, 2018.
  We will be traveling to Weatherford South Main Street Church of Christ for our Annual Veterans Day Spaghetti Lunch.
  All Young Marines & Recruits are to arrive in full Utility Uniforms with ribbons (if they have them).
  Recruits who do not have their Utilities yet will wear blue jeans and their National Red T Shirts over a sweat shirt to keep warm.
Plan of the Day (POD)
    All Hands
0730 – 0750  Parent/Guardian Sign-In,
0750 – 0800  Prepare for Morning Formation
0800 – 0815  Morning Formation, Invocation, Pledge, Creed, Obligation, and YM Hymn, BPO 2-3
0815 – 0830  Prepare to mount vehicles except Color Guard.
0830 – 0900  Travel to Weatherford South Main Church of Christ
0930 – 1030  Color Guard will perform at Tabernacle for City of Springtown’s Veterans Day Program
0900 – 1000  Prepare Fellowship Hall for Noon Meal
1000 – 1100  Watch Veterans Day Parade
1100 – 1400  Help feed our Veterans and their Families
1330 – 1430  Noon Chow     
1430 – 1500  Field Day
1500 – 1530  Travel back to Drill Hall
1530 – 1545  Final Formation, Benediction, Creed, Obligation, YM Hymn, Announcements, BPO 2-3
1545 – 1600  Parent/Guardian Sign-Out
Coming Events
    There will not be a Young Marine Drill on November 24th because of Thanksgiving Weekend!
  We may have a Community Service Day November 17th at Still Water Retreat!  Confirmation of this later!
  We will have Toys For Tots Event December 8th &/or 9th.  This is another Community Service Project and possibly our Annual End of Year Party!
  There will not be a Young Marine Drill on December 22nd because of Christmas Weekend!
  Remember, your YM needs to be in Attendance at least 2 Drills prior to any Encampment in order to be eligible to go on Encampments.
  Recruits, in addition to this requirement, will be qualified by Registered Adults as to ability to act properly as a Young Marine!
  Also, Please Remember, that if your Young Marine/Recruit cannot make YM Drill, please Text or E-Mail to me.  This will count as an Excused Absence for Perfect Attendance Award if not over 3 Excused Absences.
  More to Follow!