Plan of the Day (POD)

Sent 8-7-19

Howdy Marines, Staff, Young Marines, Recruits, and our Parents!

We have regular Parker County Young Marine Drill this Saturday, August 10th, 2019!

All Young Marines and Recruits are to arrive in Full Utility Uniforms and Red National T Shirt.

We will be traveling to Cavanaugh Flight Museum, 4576 Claire Chennault Street, Addison, Texas 75001.

Young Marines & Recruits will not need Noon Chow.  Unit will be supplying at CiCi's Pizza in Addison!

Plan of the Day (POD)

  All Hands

0730 – 0800  Parent/Guardian Sign-In. Young Marines & Recruits will Prepare for

                        Morning Formation.  Plt. Sgt. Will inspect Troops for Regulation Hair Cuts

                        and Shined Boots.  List of violators will be handed to the Unit C.O.

0800 – 0815  Morning Formation, Invocation, Pledge, Creed, Obligation and YM Hymn,

                        BPO 2-3

0815 - 0830  Will prepare to and mount vehicles

0830 - 1000  Travel to Cavanaugh Flight Museum

1000 - 1330  Tour Flight Museum

1330 - 1430  Noon Chow

1430 - 1600  Remount vehicles and travel back to Bus Barn/Drill Hall.

1600 - 1615  Final Formation, Benediction, Creed, Obligation, & YM Hymn BPO 2-3

1615 - 1645  Parent/Guardian Sign-Out

More to Follow!

 Remember to E-Mail or Text me if your Young Marine or Recruit is going to miss Drill.

This will constitute an Excused Absence for the Perfect Attendance Award if not over 3 Excused Absences. 

Also Remember, Your Young Marine Needs to be in attendance at least 2 Drills prior to any Field Trip/Encampment in order to be eligible to accompany the Young Marines on scheduled Field Trips or Encampments.