Plan of the Day (POD)

Howdy Marines, Staff, Young Marines, Recruits, & Our Parents!
  We have a regular Young Marine Drill this Saturday, July 14th, 2018.
  Young Marines are to arrive in PT Gear with National YM T Shirt, their Utilities on hangers, Covers, Boots (Shined), Boot Bands and Guide Books.
  Recruits will arrive in Utilities (if they have them) with National Red T Shirts.  If not, they will arrive in Blue Jeans.  They will bring their PT Gear on Hangers, Red Covers, & Guide Books.
Plan of the Day (POD)
    All Hands
0730 – 0750  Parent/Guardian Sign-In, Young Marines & Recruits will set up Class Room
0750 – 0800  Prepare for Morning Formation, Plt. Sgt. will Inspect Troops for Regulation Hair Cuts & Shined
                        Boots.  List of Violators will be Handed to Unit C.O.  YMs in PT Gear will carry Boots to
0800 – 0815  Morning Formation, Invocation. Pledge, Creed, Obligation, & YM Hymn, BPO 2-3
    Young Marines
0815 – 0930  PT – Daily 7, One Mile Run, & Meet Chesty, BPO 9-4
0930 – 0945  Change into Utilities
0945 – 1030  COD, BPO 1
1030 – 1115  Instruction: Speech Preparation, BPO 6-1
1115 – 1200  Instruction: Leadership, JPO 7-1&2
0815 – 0845  COD, BPO 1
0845 – 0945  Instruction: Young Marines Hymn, (14), BPO 2-3
0945 – 1030  Instruction: Basic First Aid, (18), BPO 9-5
1030 – 1045  Change into PT Gear
1045 – 1150  PT – Daily 7, One Mile Run, & Meet Chesty, BPO 9-4
1150 – 1200  Change into Utilities
    All Hands
1200 – 1230  Noon Chow
1230 – 1300  Guide Book Sign-Off
1300 – 1400  Instruction: DDR, Project Alert, Booster Lesson 2, BPO 5-1
1400 – 1430  COD, BPO 1
1430 – 1530  Instruction: YM Rank Structure, BPO 2-4
1530 – 1545  Field Day
1545 – 1600  Final Formation, Benediction, Creed, Obligation, YM Hymn, Announcements, BPO 2-3
1600 – 1630  Parent/Guardian Sign-Out
Coming Events
We have our next Encampment August 25th & 26th, 2018, at Still Water Retreat.  We will have Gun Safety Class on Saturday plus other classes.  Sunday we will be having live fire practice for all Young Marines & Recruits.  Each firing position will have a Registered Adult present to instruct Safety and firing of weapons.  If you do not want your Young Marine/Recruit to fire, please let us know, but all will get a very intense Safety Class on many weapons so it they are at another’s home, and that young person brings out a weapon, your Young Marine will know how to insure it is safe as this is the time kids get shot because they do not know safety!
  Remember, your YM needs to be in Attendance at least 2 Drills prior to any Encampment in order to be eligible to go on Encampments.
  Recruits, in addition to this requirement, will be qualified by Registered Adults as to ability to act properly as a Young Marine!
  Also, Please Remember, that if your Young Marine/Recruit cannot make YM Drill, please Text or E-Mail to me.  This will count as an Excused Absence for Perfect Attendance Award in not over 3 Excused Absences.
  More to Follow!