Equipment List for Encamp.

Subj:    Parker Co. YM Encampment
      1.   Gear List for Encampment
          All Young Marines:  
            Parker County Unit T Shirt (If they have it)
            Y.M. Guidebook & Book of Knowledge for Note Taking
            Wash Cloth & Towel
            Shower Shoes
            Girlie Items (this is for females only)
            Foot Powder
            Clean Scivvie Drawers
            Extra Pair of Socks
            Sleeping Bag or blanket
            Sunscreen & Chapstick
            Bug Repellant
            Canteen or Camelback for Water (or Water Bottle)
            Flashlight with Spare Batteries (military style with angle head preferred but
            not necessary)
            Pillow if Desired
            Laundry Bag or Old Pillow Case (To place dirty clothes in)
            Mark Name On: Duffle Bag, Athletic Bag, Sea Bag, etc. to stow gear in
            Blue Jeans (in case your Cammies get ruined)
          *** If It Will Melt or Is A Liquid … Put It In A ZipLoc ***
  2. Absolutely, Positively, None of the Following Will Be Allowed by Young
Cell Phones (Staff will have phones)
MP3 Players
CD Players
           Game Boys or PSP’s

   3.  Any Medications Needed Must be Brought to Our Attention BEFORE Leaving             The Bus Barn/Drill Hall.

Additional Information:  We are supplying all Chow.  Your Young Marine will not need money for this trip, so don’t bring any.  We encourage your Young Marine(s) to be responsible young adults so if any gear is lost, it is his/her responsibility, NOT the Staff.
We encourage Discipline, Leadership, and Teamwork in all of our Young Marines!